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“Life in New Mexico” 2014 collaborative media project

Thank You
to all who participated in our project by submitting your videos. We got some really awesome material to work with.
Submissions are now closed.

Why are we sponsoring this project?

“Life in New Mexico” will bring attention to the post production segment of the New Mexico film industry.  Post production is the phase of movie-making that begins once the filming is completed.  Typically, it involves editing the material, correcting color imbalances, improving sound, adding a musical score, special effects, animation and more.  When a film comes from out of state to shoot in New Mexico, the post production work is often done where the film originated (outside our state).  This is because it’s easier for an outside movie to come shoot here, and then complete post production where they live back home.  However, as the NM film industry grows, so will our post production industry.  This will further help our own filmmakers to use local post production companies in their own state.

Phase 1 

Submissions Completed

Thank you to all those who participated. We are excited by the 138 clips we ended up with.

We have had submissions of horses, dogs, cats, bears and big horn sheep. Artists, art and art making. People walking, running, rafting and flying. There is dancing and parades. And a cello made of ice. We are very excited to begin the next phase of “Life in New Mexico” where all these wonderful images will be given to our post production editors to come up with their vision of life in New Mexico.

How Submissions were handled:

  • Only NM residents could submit. Multiple submissions were accepted.
  • Videos had to be 3 minutes or less.
  • Submissions were accepted and screened from March 15 through March 31
  • Clips were screened for “family friendly” content and to meet basic production values
  • Submitter maintained ownership of his/her clip. Agreement of terms signed online before clips submitted.
  • Approved submissions needed to upload original footage to a dropbox link.
  • Approved clips provided to participating editors May 1, 2014. Then onto Phase 2

Phase 2


Post production period: May 1- June 30, 2014

We began with 13 editors who could participate in this project. They were each given 138 clips to edit together to make a video up to 10 minutes in length. Of those 13 editors, 8 were able to finish and turn in their videos. The good news is that the other five who were unable to finish were busy with paying gigs. And that is the whole point of this project: to bring attention to the post production industry in New Mexico and to bring work to them. So congratulations to all who participated and to those who finished. 

As awards, each finishing editor will receive a one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud software, and software plugins from DigiEffects.

Phase 3

September 20-21 2014: Multiple Public Screenings around New Mexico

Dates/Times/Locations TBA

As soon as we have the schedule of locations and times we will be posting. Stay tuned.

The New Mexico Edit Poster v03

Many thanks to the people who make up the team for the 
“Life in New Mexico” media project!

This project is made possible by partnerships between the New Mexico Film Foundation, New Mexico Post Alliance, Friends of Film, Video and Arts and the New Mexico Tourism Department.

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