“Life in New Mexico” media project

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Why are we sponsoring this project?

The New Mexico Film Foundation and the New Mexico Post Alliance are working together on the “Life in New Mexico” media project which will bring attention to the post production segment of the New Mexico film industry.  Post production is the phase of movie-making that begins once the filming is completed.  Typically, it involves editing the material, correcting color imbalances, improving sound, adding a musical score, special effects, animation and more.  When a film comes from out of state to shoot in New Mexico, the post production work is often done where the film originated (outside our state).  This is because it’s easier for an outside movie to come shoot here, and then complete post production where they live back home.  However, as the New Mexico film industry grows, so will our post production industry.  This will further help our own filmmakers to use local post production companies in their own state.

This year we are partnering with the New Mexico Tourism Dept and using their “New Mexico True” brand to help create a framework for video submissions.

What is New Mexico True?

The New Mexico Tourism Department has established a singular new look and feel and message, one that counters the perception that New Mexico is a dry, arid, barren hot place with nothing to do. Instead, we brought to life the idea that New Mexico is a pristine corner of the world so unspoiled that it is literally spiritual. The new brand celebrates the beauty, landscape and culture in every nook and cranny of the state. New Mexico is an Adventure That Feeds The Soul. This is a real experience. It’s a true experience. That’s why we say: New Mexico True.

New Mexico is a unique place; a place that is both physical and emotional. Our beautiful state is rich in spirit and culture. It is filled with interesting people and customs, amazing art, incredible food and a rich history. It is a place with vistas and beauty beyond belief.

To see, taste and experience everything that New Mexico has to offer, evokes a “True” feeling of adventure steeped in culture.

What is your “True”?

What unique qualities do you love most about New Mexico? When asking yourself this question, think about the following:

What are the authentic experiences that you love most?

What can travelers discover?

What might be unexpected?

Where is the adventure in the experience? And not just outdoor adventure, but adventure that truly feeds the soul – going to a museum, visiting an art gallery, attending a cooking class, being part of a festival, seeing a cultural performance, etc.

How does the experience reflect the connected-ness that is inherent in New Mexico? With the past, the land, the family and yourself?


Phase 1 Reaching Out
Taking Submissions

Send us your videos that are “New Mexico True.” Videos must be 3 minutes or less. They will be given to New Mexico editors to cut, chop, splice and manipulate into new videos that comply with the New Mexico True brand. Some, all or none of the video footage you submit will be used to create new stories. Our video editors will use your clips to promote a New Mexico True message. There will be a prize awarded to the editor who makes the best video of 2 minutes or less from the clips you submit.

We will also award a prize to the video clip submitted that gets used most often. There will be a number of video editors working on this project and your video clip might be used over and over again. The one used the most will be awarded the prize.

Submissions for “Life in New Mexico” are now closed.

Phase 2 Post Production


The New Mexico Post Alliance will invite editors to participate in this project. Editors will be asked to create their own videos with the New Mexico Tourism Department’s theme of “New Mexico True” using the clips supplied by the general public. There will be a number of prizes including best video 2 minutes or less. Deadline to register is October 20th. Video clips will be made available to editors on November 2nd and deadline to finish New Mexico True videos is January 11th, 2016.


Musicians and Composers 

If the editor wishes to use a soundtrack, they must use original music composed by a New Mexico composer or musician. There will be a prize (to be determined) for the best sound track.  It will be up to the editors to contact the musicians and composer they wish to work with. Deadline to register is October 20th.

Our Post Production Sponsors:

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Phase 3

The resulting videos will be screening throughout New Mexico and on the New Mexico Tourism Dept website.

This project is made possible by partnerships between the New Mexico Film Foundation, New Mexico Post Alliance and the New Mexico Tourism Department.

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