“Life in New Mexico” media project

“Life in New Mexico” 2015  media project

Why are we sponsoring this project?

“Life in New Mexico” will bring attention to the post production segment of the New Mexico film industry.  Post production is the phase of movie-making that begins once the filming is completed.  Typically, it involves editing the material, correcting color imbalances, improving sound, adding a musical score, special effects, animation and more.  When a film comes from out of state to shoot in New Mexico, the post production work is often done where the film originated (outside our state).  This is because it’s easier for an outside movie to come shoot here, and then complete post production where they live back home.  However, as the New Mexico film industry grows, so will our post production industry.  This will further help our own filmmakers to use local post production companies in their own state.

Phase 1
Taking Submissions

We will begin taking submissions on Aug 3 and close submission on October 30. You can find the Life in New Mexico agreement here. Once you have agreed to the terms and filled out the registration form, you will be emailed a unique identification number. Use that number to name your video film (JMF9GN.mov for example) and send to us via a file transfer platform such as www.wetransfer.com or dropbox.com or google drive. Do Not email us your video file directly.


Phase 2
Editing Completed


Phase 3

The resulting videos will be screening throughout New Mexico and on the New Mexico Tourism Dept website.

This project is made possible by partnerships between the New Mexico Film Foundation, New Mexico Post Alliance and the New Mexico Tourism Department.

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