Our 2017 Actor Showcase Finalists

Here are the 25 finalists for our 2017 New Mexico Actor Showcase. They will appear live on stage at the South Broadway Cultural Center on March 17th. Each actor will perform a monologue or side, then given an adjustment by our on-stage director, Jocelyn Jansons. The actor will then perform their piece again. On stage with the actor and director will be Tim Nenninger on camera and Merrit Glover (2015 finalist) as reader. The actors image will be projected on a large format screen so the entire audience can see their performance.

Mickey Dolan


  • Gelsey Bostick

  • Addison Foskey

  • Teresa Jones


  • Michah McNeil

  • Tiffany Neeley

  • Christina Nuki

  • Chris Wright

  • Christina Gonzales

  • Chelsea Arielle Kibbee

  • Josh Outzen

  • Dani Payne


  • Dnette Wood

  • Kevin Chambers

  • Andrew DeCarlo

  • Austin Dennis


  • Maria Makenna

  • Meghan Truckey

  • Daniel D. Caimi

  • Teddy Eggleston

  • Daniel Grochowski

  • Jeff Poole

  • Jim Sea

  • Rick Tadra


  • Alaina Warren Zachary