Fiscal Sponsorship



The New Mexico Film Foundation offers fiscal sponsorship services to New Mexico independent filmmakers and related organizations.

Here is an over view of what we offer and why we offer it.

  1. Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organization’s missions. It typically involves a fee-based contractual arrangement between a project and an established non-profit.

Often times, a filmmaker seeks grants to fund their project, but those grants require that the money goes to and is overseen by another nonprofit. The New Mexico Film Foundation uses its nonprofit status to receive the grant money on behalf of the project and holds that money until required by the filmmaker.

Crowdfunding is a common way for filmmakers to fund their projects as well. In many cases the New Mexico Film Foundation in partnership with certain Crowdfunding platforms can receive tax deductible donations for the filmmaker. Currently we have an agreement with Indiegogo and developing an agreement with Seed and Spark crowdfunding organizations.

However, a filmmaker does not have to use one of these platforms when they are sponsored by the New Mexico Film Foundation. If you are one of our sponsored projects we provide you with a PayPal Donate Button that you can put on your own website. Donations are tax deductible and go to the New Mexico Film Foundation on your behalf. You can run your own crowdfunding campaign right from your own website page and not have to worry about additional fees, perks or minimum goals to reach.

What We Sponsor

  • Documentary feature & short films and other works of nonfiction
  • Narrative feature & short films and other narrative works
  • Transmedia/multi-media projects with film/video as a primary component of the work
  • Film related events such as film festivals or screening series
  • Film related organizations in New Mexico, with priority given to state-wide organizations

The following projects and organizations are not eligible for an NMFF fiscal sponsorship:

  • A non film related entity or organization
  • Services of an individual which are the sole expenditures of the project and which provide the basis for that individual’s livelihood
  • A project that has as its objective the advancement of a religion or religious doctrine.
  • An entity whose purpose is to engage in electioneering and prohibited lobbying activities.

We charge a 7% administrative fee for processing donations. For more information on our fiscal sponsorship program contact us here

A list of our sponsored projects

“The Deadly Link” – Nina Knapp

“Nasario Remembers the Rio Puerco” – Shebana Coelho

Friends of Film Video and Arts – Anne Stirling

Southwest Film Museum – Phill Fulton

“Veiled Lightning-A Native R/Evolution” – Jaima Chevalier, Brian Fishbine

“Blueprint: The Genius of Art Direction” – Linda Carfagno

Alice Among the Lions” – Lindsay Jaeger

The Love That Would Not Die” – Devon Ludlow

“Into America” – Debra Baum & Stacey Dean Campbell

“Paperless” – Lia Gotz