In accordance with its mission, NMFF serves as a fiscal sponsor of New Mexico independent film productions, as well as New Mexico organizations whose missions promote New Mexico film production.

Under the NMFF Fiscal Sponsorship program, NMFF acts as an umbrella agency for your project, allowing the project to share some of the benefits of non-profit status 

The Deadly Link- Nina Knapp

  • The Deadly Link is an investigative documentary film on the connection between animal abuse and domestic violence. This connection is often referred to as “the link.”
  • The purpose of this documentary is to expose these issues of public safety and human welfare to a world-wide audience.
  • The film will also serve as an educational tool for police and animal care officers, social service providers, lawyers, doctors, utility meter readers, and veterinarians among others, who during the course of their jobs will learn to better identify signs of abusive behavior toward both humans and animals.

Water Warrior - Carl Pony Vigil

A Native American entity, is called back to this earth, because life was out of balance. He is shown the people's destruction. Interacting with musicians, and healers, for a solution. His goal is to purify all the water of our world. Timeline modern day.


New Mexico Girls Make Movies - Jocelyn Jansons

New Mexico Girls Make Movies is a state-wide outreach program that provides education and job training to New Mexico girls and young women in the film and television industries. From screenwriting to editing, girls learn the filmmaking process guided by mentors in their area of interest and have fun along the way!