Beau McNicholas Post Production Grant

This grant is for the amount of $2000 and will go to a deserving filmmaker to pay for post-production costs. Post production can include sound, editing, color correction, music, special effects etc. You must be a New Mexico resident to apply.

Submissions are now  closed. We had 19 submissions for this grant.   The award selection will be announced early January.  The grant will go to a film which will be a force for positive change.

Beau McNicholas

Beau McNicholas

About Beau McNicholas –

Beau lives in Taos, New Mexico and works as a Financial Advisor. He has a deep love for New Mexico and the film Industry. He feels fortunate to be able to give back to a filmmaker who is a force for positive change. “This feels critical in today’s world.  Filmmakers need support right now to tell a new story.  Filmmakers make a profound impact on coming at a problem from unconventional angles.  If you have a problem ask an artist.  They are the true problem solvers of our time.”