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Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship is a program that allows a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization like NMFF to support film and media projects. The Foundation acts as an umbrella agency, allowing the project to share in the benefits of non-profit status, like applying for grants and soliciting tax-deductible contributions, while receiving mentorship and support by the Foundation. Project applications are reviewed to ensure alignment with the Foundation's core mission and, if accepted as a Fiscal Sponsor, New Mexico Film Foundation will align with its sponsored partner and enter into a signed agreement. 

Image by Jake Hills

The following are benefits that are available under our program:

Receive tax deductible donations on behalf of project 

Thank you (Tax receipts) letters to all donors

Management of funds with quarterly reporting

Support at events    +     Assignment of a MENTOR    +    Grant writing support

Access to grants that otherwise would not be available

Quarterly meetings with Fiscal Committee

Private access up to 1 hour at a local cinema for FINAL EDITING on project 


The foundation in no way maintains any ownership of the project but provides resources and simplifies organizational functions. 

**The NMFF accepts no liability for material, pictures or media submitted and or used under the agreement.**



A film by Marisela LaGrave

DARK SKY LAND  is a documentary film about an environmental night sky conservation movement.

The urgent fight to save the night sky.

Originating from one of the darkest regions remaining in the Northern hemisphere comes modern-day environmental story about a New Mexico community's effort to protect a one hundred mile dark sky astronomical corridor.

Threatened by the harmful effects of artificial light pollution, this rare bottle class 1 dark sky region is vital to astronomy, nocturnal wild life, bird migration, knowledge of the universe, human health, future generations.

Told through the encounters and conversations with regional astronomers, native people, astrophysicists, astrophotographers, biologists, local and on-foot travelers along the Continental Divide trail.

Dark Sky Land
Crossing the Line - poster.png


Produced by

REEL Indian Pictures

CROSSING THE LINE is a four-part docuseries that tells the stories of Bordertown violence in communities surrounding the Navajo Nation.

Supported by funding by ITVS, Vision Maker Media and the 4th World Media Lab

 In border towns like Gallup, Farmington and Albuquerque, New Mexico and Flagstaff and Winslow, Arizona, Native Americans are statistically twice as likely to be victims of violent crime and also just as likely to be victims of the police department. Because of lack of infrastructure on the Navajo Nation, Navajo people are dependent on these towns for even basic necessities. This docuseries will examine the epidemic of violence that surrounds Navajo communities, identifying and exposing much of the racial tension that exists in these towns and hearing the stories of not only the victims of the violence but of those who are fighting to make change in these spaces.

This four-part series will showcase one city per episode, telling the histories of these communities through the voices of Native women scholars and historians and through the voices of the activists working to make change in

these places.



A film by Marti Reggio

A quest for her roots of dance, her life itself. Travel through the Nature of Holy Mountain culture in Bali and modern arts and psychology from an arts community perspective of North America. 1979-1982

Once a western interpretive dancer in Toronto had gone way neutral and silent from the times, the place, and her conditioning. A serendipitous phone call from a Canadian woman friend invited her to Bali. Followed by a dreamtime vision by a Pemangku Dalang, a Bali Priest-Shadow Puppeteer, dressed all in white. He welcomed her into his Holy Mountain culture and presented stories, symbols, masks, and music. She’s given a list with a Bali dance teacher who works with the Pemangku. She accepts the challenge and enters a quest for her roots of dance, her life itself. Access through their traditional Agama Bali Dharma (Hindu) culture, with a Shiva cult emphasis, within the theatrical arts. Tantra, formulas of behavior, embeds every move. Bali, an island that considers itself in balance of Good and Evil.

Those facing barriers, you’re not alone. Acknowledge experience leads to change. Take-in the value. 



Produced by Quarter Turn Media

The Pain Game is a hard-hitting, irreverent documentary series that questions much of the official narrative surrounding pain, addiction, and opioids by exposing who has a stake in that narrative and why.

 In the works since 2004, the series focuses at close range and in real time on a sequence of criminal prosecutions of physicians, and through this lens provides a valuable— and unexpected — account of the opioid crisis as it unfolded. A deep dive into a sequence of prominent “pill mill” prosecutions reveals the inside, untold history of America’s overdose crisis.

OffSet-Logo-transparent (2).png

OffSet Web Series

Produced by JoLo Entertainment LLC

OffSet Web Series is a COMMUNITY BASED open platform educational mockumentary skit comedy about in the day of the life of characters from movies and TV shows when they are OFF the film SET.

Bloom Logo (1).png


Constantly being derailed by her inner director Razum; Rose, an actress, discovers her true voice andlives out her dream.

"Bloom" is all about that voice we know. That voice is named Razum, who resides in the theater of Rose's mind, an actress in pursuit of her dreams. With every step forward, her inner director constantly derails her. "Bloom" asks, "Who is running the show?"

Nampeyo (1).jpg

an American Modernist

Produced by Steve Wikvia Larance, Max Walukas

& Steve Elmore

A documentary film that reexamines the legacy of Hopi-Tewa ceramic Artist Nampeyo.

Nampeyo, an Americana Modernist reexamines the legacy of Hopi-Tewa  ceramic artist Nampeyo (1858-1942), placing her work in the context of 20th -century modern art. The documentary delves into the complex dynamic between indigenous artists and American popular culture, highlighting intergenerational family ties across five generations of Nampeyo's enduring indigenous art movement.

lewis playlist (2).png


Produced by IIJAH Production

Wallflower is a short film that unveils the inner life and hidden paintings of Lewis B. Sherman during his overnight janitorial shifts.

Creativity, artistic or not, is the central theme of this short film. Lewis is an artist who must express himself regardless of his situation or circumstances. He is an extension of myself and so many others who create out of necessity.



The ART and SOUL  of visual story telling from the Silent Era to current CGI.

Blueprint: The Genius of Production Design is a feature documentary project spanning over a decade searching for stories, personalities and artwork that represents the core of this magical cinematic craft: the visual creation of what we see on screen, and what the characters of movies exist in- the past, present, and future all represented and explored.  During this journey we have compiled many hours of footage of some of the most prolific and groundbreaking filmmakers speaking in depth about their careers, creative process and experiences making some of the greatest movies ever made through the production design lens. 



A film by Kelly Byars

Three Generations is a short documentary film that chronicles the lives and histories of the Track/Shorty family in Taos, New Mexico.

Through almost one hundred years, the family has been a part of the art history of the Taos Pueblo community and of the art community of New Mexico. Whether working as models for some of the most iconic artists to come from New Mexico’s long-standing artistic traditions, or creating their own art, the Track/Shorty family continues to contribute to our state’s important art industry.

80 JOHN_pic.jpg


A film by Stacy Dean Campbell

In the American West during the 1800's, one in four cowboys was African American. Hard working. Respected and Revered on the Trail.

This is the story of one such Cowboy. A former slave with a second grade education who would hone and transform his expertise in ranching into a cattle empire in 1939 worth more than a million dollars.

Dead Weight Cover photo.png


A film by Ginny Leise

A solo female backpacker who is spared from the apocalypse while she’s out in the wilderness. To live out the rest of her days on her own terms, she must fend off a fellow survivor’s demands.

A short film written and directed by Albuquerque-based filmmaker, Ginny Leise slated to shoot in May 2024 on location in New Mexico, has a simple question in mind: ‘What are the consequences of rejecting logic?’ To me, logic represented a dominant, intrinsically male worldview, and served as a proxy for all of our society’s prescriptive narratives. I wanted to explore the stakes of straying from logic in favor of intuition and instinct.


In the story, an apocalyptic event has wiped out the world as we know it leaving few survivors, but we don’t dwell on the details. I wanted the end of the world to operate mostly on a metaphoric level on which the characters are forced to reckon with how to live if they were suddenly free of all societal structures. Would they see it as an opportunity to live freely for the first time or would they impose the same old rules onto each other?

[Original size] Movie Posters.png

This is the End of Us

A film by Cassandra Rochelle Fetters

At his lowest point, Jorge decides to find the highest place to jump from—but Kate's already there.

Jorge is at his lowest point and has made the choice to end his life. However, when he gets to the rooftop, Kate is already there getting ready to jump herself. In a panic he coaxes her down and they end up talking. Through their conversation, they are able to help each other get through the night and see the hope in a new day.

This is the End of Us is a short film about two strangers who meet at their respective lowest points and talk through why they're there. We hope that our audience will walk away with more empathy for those who are struggling — and offer a glimmer of hope to those who might be struggling themselves.

The He She Bang! Poster.jpg

The He She Bang!

A film by
Julian Gowdy

A documentary highlighting The He She Bang drag show in Madrid, New Mexico - and the man who inspired it.

The He She Bang! Project tells a tale of one man’s journey of addiction, recovery and redemption through the lens of The He She Bang, a long running drag show that started as an AIDS benefit in the small eccentric town of Madrid, New Mexico.

NP_Through darkness_Poster.jpg

No Place

A film by Holly Adams

After experiencing years of abuse, two desperate teens flee their traumatic pasts and discover through the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit, true love can defy all odds and that there is truly no place like home.

After committing a heinous crime in revenge for enduring years of abuse at his hands, 15 year old Willow escapes with her father's pistol and cash. Meantime, 17 year old Joe has accidentally poisoned his obese mother and, though he is flat broke, he's got a Mickey Mantle Baseball card worth millions. They chance upon each other at a gas station and flee their horrendous pasts heading west. 

With the law, Joe's landlord and Willow's Uncles hot on their heels, the distraught teens disguise themselves as newlyweds to great effect. Despite his resistance, Joe recognizes himself in Willow when he discovers that they are both on the run from abusive home lives yet still hold out hope for a brighter future. Joe vows to buy themselves a home of their own with the money from the Mickey Mantle. But just years away from the baseball card convention where he can cash in the Mickey, the law guns them down.

Thought their ordeal, the teens discover the inexplicable resilience of life and that the home they ere seeking was within each other all along.

DEAR jOHN_Poster.jpg

Dear John

A film by Sara Starr

A young sex worker is trapped in the world of human trafficking. After a dangerous encounter with an abusive john, she seizes an unexpected chance to escape.

On a deserted industrial road in Albuquerque, Candy, a teen girl from a broken foster home, and her manipulative trafficker, Joey, argue in his tricked-out pickup truck. Shaken by the exchange, Candy reluctantly sets out for another night of forced sex work. 

Things take a turn when she finds herself with a drunk and aggressive John, a lawyer and family man who unleashes his sinister side in seedy motel rooms. Desperate to avoid the fate she knows awaits her, Candy makes a desperate choice that will alter her life forever.

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