Lockheed Martin Filmmaker Contest

$5000 Filmmaker Contest –

We have a winner! Congratulations to Elizabeth Kallman and her team at Insignis Films for her treatment called “Childhood Reminiscing”



“From Vasco De Gama to Nikola Tesla, the human population has discovered an organic need to investigate the unknown.  Less romanticized yet of incredible brilliance are the enormous obstacles the explorer experiences as they ignite the demanding need to define the undefinable.  These unmapped obstacles and challenges are equally prevalent in the heart of deep space exploration.

The Deep Space Explorers are required to endure micro-environments and extended duration missions to destinations as scientifically enticing as Mars, while accurately accounting for the unwavering requirement of returning the discoverers home safely to the perspectivist blue and white landscape we define as Earth. The nature of such a mars-shot, organically accounts for technical risks, macro periods of time in confined spaces, physical and virtual disconnect from their most intimate relationships, and incalculable emotional duress.

The intent of this video contest is to encourage ideas, capture the heart of the explorer, and romanticize the risks and emotional challenges that interconnect the relationship between the human being and the unwavering need to explore the undocumented DNA of deep space.”

In partnership with Lockheed Martin’s Human Space Exploration division we are offering a $5000 filmmaker grant. The submission process will begin July 1st. Those who wish to participate will submit a one page treatment for a 3-5 minute film with a theme that addresses the risks and emotional issues related to deep space travel. The person or team selected will be given $5000 to make the film. An additional  $5000 worth of equipment rental is available courtesy of Serious Grippage and Light Co. in Santa Fe.

Lockheed Martin is providing  access to technical details of what it takes to perform these missions and risks associated with them so those who submit can understand the difficulties. It is suggested to those who apply research these resources before submitting their treatment. 

The list of resources provides visual or on-location options you may want to consider in the production of your film.

Sponsoring the contest is Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor building Orion, NASA’s next generation spacecraft for human exploration of deep space. Additional support is offered through Serious Grippage and Light Co. in Santa Fe, New Mexico



Submission process open July 1st
Submissions deadline Midnight August 15
Industry evaluation committee review and final selection August 29
Kickoff meeting with LM, NMFF and AwardeeSept 3
Mid-term review with LM, NMFF, and AwardeeSept 26
Final review with LM, NMFF, and AwardeeOct 15
Film completed December 15

Please read contest rules before submitting

Meet our first grant winner, Michael Becker’s “Delivery From Earth” by Michael Becker

See photos from the premiere of Michael’s film at the Jean Cocteau theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Keith Gardner, New Mexico Governor’s Chief of Staff was on hand to receive the New Mexico State Flag that was flown into space on Dec 5 on the first flight test of the Orion. Peter Ives, Santa Fe Mayor Pro Tem was also present and received an Orion mission patch and commemorative coin. See photos here: Deliver From Earth photos

Michael Becker