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2024 GRRM Screenwriting Competition Grant
Stay tuned for info on next year's competition

The New Mexico Film Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 Screenwriters Grant Competition, with generous support from the George R.R. Martin Literary Foundation.

This grant is offered to recognize and encourage emerging writers in the state of New Mexico, and to provide an opportunity for the awardee(s) to continue growing their skills in the unique craft of screenwriting for independent films.

Whether you have a complete screenplay in hand, a partially finished draft or are brainstorming ideas - throw your hat in the ring - there is time to fulfill the requirements. A panel of judges with deep industry experience will review entries using their hearts and minds, as well as multiple criteria like pacing, structure, originality, characterizations, and marketability. Submissions must be solely owned and created by the respective applicants. While team writing is encouraged in general, this grant prefers to recognize the work of an individual writer. 

The winning grant award for an individual screenplay is $5,000 US dollars. Two additional writers will receive Citations of Merit and be awarded $250 each.

All writers who submit a complete, qualified application will be invited to attend a private NMFF event, featuring a panel of accomplished industry writers. 

The application period begins on October 15th 2023. The final day for submissions will be December 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. MST. There is no application fee


Open to New Mexico Residents only

Not be a member of the WGA

Submitted scripts must be original screenplays, and the sole property of the applicant(s)
Intended use -Must be for feature length film or TV Pilot 
Must be in the Science Fiction or Fantasy genre
You must be at least 18 years of age to enter
All entries must be in English

Up to 2 submissions per writer accepted 

Must be written in industry standard format and saved as PDF using Times New Roman 12 pt FONT





1. SCRIPT: Submit up to 10 pages of the script in pdf format. No other file formats will be accepted (Title page does not count towards the page total)-*unique number MUST be listed on title page

2. TREATMENT: Submit up to 10 pages of the treatment in pdf format. No other format will be accepted -can include characters, logline and favorite pages of script. (Title page does not count towards the page total) *unique number MUST be listed on title page

****Pages must be named in the following format: TREATMENT (Title  -Unique ID number.pdf) SCREENPLAY (Title-Unique ID Number.pdf) Do NOT put your name on the treatment or script 

-The script and treatment MUST BE be separate pdf documents

3. EMAIL requirement must contain the following information only

Subject line of email - Unique Number/Final Submission

Copy of script ( as above) and treatment ( as above)

4. Email must contain submission form

*UNIQUE NUMBER is last 4 letters of title of script, four digit month and day of submission

EXAMPLE: Game of Thrones by George RR Martin submitted July 1 = ones0701


Upon receipt of the FINAL submission a return email with confirmation will be sent 

Updates on the competition will be sent to all writers that progress to the final selection

Deadline for submissions for 2023 will be December 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.( MST)
All submissions that meet the requirements will be considered. 

Announcement of winners will be March 15, 2024

Shining The Light Grant

Changing the narrative for our future through film is possible. By creating this grant, which is funded by state-wide support, the intention is to provide the filmmaker with the platform to BRING TO LIGHT and share with audiences a perspective on social struggles with intention to open conversations to make real change!

Purple Glow

                         SOCIAL IMPACT FILM FUND

 Social Impact Cinema is an emerging field of independent filmmaking that seeks to tell deep human stories that inspire a revolution of the heart. These stories capture critical, complex narratives that reflect societal problems and some of the most essential global struggles of our time. This FUND is based on bringing projects to life that encourage and support Social Impact Storytelling;  stories by NM independent filmmakers shining a light on social justice, and social responsibility in filmmaking.


Social Impact Cinema is  storytelling that can generate  empathy thus increasing awareness, and ideally cinematic donations to a cause or charity and has the intentional purposes to invoke change through earnest behavior. This means telling a compelling story that also educates the viewer on a social issue. Striking the right tone will persuade the target audience to take serious action and motivate them to do the same .This FUND will be granted to those projects that can support the following and have the intentional purpose to build a better understanding of subject matter while also invoking change through earnest behavior.    


                                             ANNOUNCING The FIRST FUNDER for GRANT

New Mexico Film Foundation is honored to announce the first Social Impact Film Fund is sponsored by Friends of Film, Video and Arts *  (FoFVA)FoFVA was a NM non-profit from 2004-2020, founded by filmmaker Anne Stirling, and operated as a membership based organization sharing resources, education and opportunities for resident filmmakers interested to learn and work together.

For their final act, FoFVA is honored to initiate the first grant under the Social Impact Film Fund supporting these values along with social impact storytelling. Through direct tax deductible donations, this FUND will present yearly grants to filmmakers with community partnerships from donors.



                                                                      FOR THE FILMMAKER

  •   Does this story serve the community or issue it is intended to serve ?

  •   Does this story encourage positive change ?

  •   Does this project tell a story with curiosity, presenting various sides of the story or issue?

  •   Does this story identify a possible solution or alternatives to what is being shown as a       problem, or not working?

  •   Is the viewer motivated to take positive action  by virtue of watching this film? If so, how?

  •   Does your film involve those voices not often heard?

  •   What “giveback” will the project agree to prior ,during or after production i.e. interns, panels  discussions, etc.?





  • Project must have completed script ( Short, Series, Documentary or Narrative accepted) 

  • Project must have completed budget ( Does not have to be finalized budget) 

  • Project must encompass at least 50% female production roles above and below the line. (List will be required at time of submission)

  • Project must be social impactful storytelling. SUBMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS: Completed application -see bottom of page

                                                               FINAL SUBMISSION

  • Copy of project synopsis (double paced, font type Arial , font size 11/12) 

  • Copy of film budget

  • Strategy ideas for distribution (Film Festivals, PBS, streaming, etc.)

  • List of production team ( see above requirement)    

  • EXTRA CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO  PROJECTS THAT: Focus on disenfranchised voices and storytellingMentor/apprentice (newbies to film) during production The production process and management itself demonstrates socially responsible behavior  (eco-friendly practices including reuse, reduce, recycle, restore. ) Plan of action required at submission

  • EMAIL all above to and IN SUBJECT LINE: STL Submission 

Two $2500 grants to be awarded in 2024

Submit January 15-May 15, 2024 with the grant awarded October 15, 2024

Submit June 15-October 15 with grant awarded December 15, 2024


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